7 January 2016

RED LION〈 レッド・ライオン 〉

Just introducing our most favourite country pub in the West Wight.
It's Red Lion in Freshwater.


It has fire places, great food, cosy atmosphere, dark ales…all you need in the winter, really!



They use lots of locally sourced ingredients such as crab, fish, meat, and they serve Isle of Wight brewed beers too, of course.
I have a feeling they even grow some of their seasonal vegetables at the back garden!


This day we visited here for a weekday lunch so we went for a bit lighter option;
handmade fish cakes, tagliatelle with slow roasted winter vegetables, followed by home made bread & butter pudding with custard.

Weren't planning to have a pudding at the beginning but...there you go.
Will find it really difficult to resist!


Very busy with lots of locals throughout the week and will definitely need to book a table for their Sunday roasts.
(don't know why we still just turn up and get disappointed...)


This pub is situated on the old railway walk/cycle path between Yarmouth and Freshwater stations, taking about 10 mins cycling, or 20-30 minutes to walk (there is a cycle hire in old Yarmouth Station).

If you have a bit of time to spend and in a mood of a winter walk, then this is the most perfect place to go!
*again, don't forget to book a table in advance…you don't want to be one of those miserable looking people walking back the path from the opposite direction!


The path is along the River Yar and the view is absolutely stunning.
You will see lots of British wildlife here and many many photo opportunities.
So it might be an idea to take a bit of extra time prior to your reservation at the pub, and bring some biscuits (and possibly flask of tea) with you just in case.



The shops, beaches, woods, river, and country pub...
There are quite a few things you might be interested in Yarmouth so I will try my best to list them up here on my blog!